Our Unique Team Building Courses

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In today's extremely competitive business environment, effective teamwork is becoming increasingly important. Our Team Building Courses are specifically designed to enhance the ability of team leaders and managers to lead their teams to achieve their company's objectives.

Our approach to Team Building

We strongly believe that, whatever the pressures, it is the responsibility of managers and team leaders, at every level, to motivate and inspire their teams and to lead them towards the successful achievement of the company's goals. The skills required to meet this requirement can be developed with us.

Our team building courses offer a programme that combines outdoor physical activity and practical team building tasks with a complementary indoor programme of leadership and performance evaluation. Our courses provide an opportunity for team leaders and managers to develop their own communication and team building skills. Alternatively, our challenges can be combined with a company's own offsite business programme.

Either way, we offer an exciting programme that really challenges our clients both physically and mentally, and provides an excellent stimulus for individuals to get to know one another and to create the sort of team bonds that will be of positive value back in their normal place of work. To this end we place considerable emphasis on problem analysis, planning and effective communication.

The backdrop against which we run all our courses is a harsh Norwegian winter, and it is in this environment that we teach and challenge our clients to cross-country ski, survive, navigate, shoot and race. Yes, it's tough, but the programme is controlled by highly experienced instructors and, in our opinion...

nothing binds a team together more quickly than a challenge, especially a real challenge, in an environment that favours no-one
Prospective clients need have no skiing experience prior to the course but should have a sound level of basic fitness.

Our ethos

Within a competitive and demanding environment, we encourage our clients to stretch and challenge themselves physically and mentally as individuals whilst, at the same time, considering the wider demands of working within a team or group.